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What is GRNC (GreenCoin)?

GRNC (GreenCoin) is a clean, sustainable, and kind digital token created to support the conscious-consumer community. GRNC (GreenCoin) is the economic device used to create and maintain a sustainable, transparent economy to help drive VeganNation and its communities toward Thriveability. GRNC (GreenCoin) is the glue that holds together our VeganNation economy, amplifying our financial and economic influence in the global market and leveraging our values and principles to facilitate positive change.

Where can I spend GRNC (GreenCoin)?

You can spend GRNC (GreenCoin) through the VeganNation app. Thousands of plant-based and conscious-consumer businesses are now accepting GRNC (GreenCoin) as a payment method!

You will be able to go to the supermarket, on vacation, or to sports games using GRNC (GreenCoin). In addition, hundreds of organizations like PETA and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society accept GRNC (GreenCoin) as a donation mechanism. Find your local organization and start getting involved.

Why not mainstream currencies?

GRNC (GreenCoin) is the only dedicated digital token for the conscious-consumer community, where sustainable values are incorporated into its technological platform. It allows direct trade between conscious consumers and ethical service providers. Mainstream physical currencies do not comply with the Thriveabilty standards that are fundamental to our VeganNation ecosystem. Not only is paper money often made from animal products, but it is sometimes invested into organizations, corporations, and countries that do not share our values.

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I’ve heard that digital tokens are difficult to make sustainable. Is GRNC (GreenCoin)?

GRNC (GreenCoin) is much more sustainable than some other digital options. It is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, which is mainly powered by solar energy, making it the most sustainable option.

What are GreenPoints?

GreenPoints is the name of the loyalty program hosted on the VeganNation platform. You can receive GreenPoints through activities within the app, including registering, adding businesses, connecting a merchant account, and rating businesses.

How do I turn GreenPoints into GRNC (GreenCoin)?

For every 100 GreenPoints, you will be able to transfer 1 GRNC (GreenCoin). Therefore, if you accrue 10,000 GreenPoints through activity within the app, you will be able to transfer 100 GRNC (GreenCoins) for further use on the app.

Can I exchange GRNC (GreenCoin) into a different more mainstream currency?

Absolutely! Through the VeganNation app, you can transfer mainstream currency as GRNC (GreenCoin) to be used within the VeganNation economy or transfer your accrued GRNC (GreenCoin) into a mainstream currency.

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