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Business directory and sustainable marketplace empowered by our community values. Connecting all vegan businesses and conscious consumers to drive the right impact economy, the vegan economy forward.


VeganPay, together with tech giants IBM and Stripe are offering a full digital payments solution for your business. From selling products, services or gift cards on the VeganNation marketplace, to Accepting in-store mobile payments & paying your vendors and suppliers using the digital wallet.

Consulting & Support

Webinars, professional support from top global and local experts from various areas of business to help guide & lead the global vegan economy out of this crisis. We are also consulting on government programs available due to COVID-19.

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Reach your local and global community, raise funds for your business and receive VeganCoin to drive and reward your loyal customers.

Join the global financial network of corporations, manufacturers and distributors where you can receive financial assistance like via a credit line, a loan or the VeganNation fund.

Becoming a Vegan Nation Partner is 100% free. You have the opportunity to generate a new valuable source of wealth for your family and business.


A Compassionate Community-Governed Digital Wallet

Positive Global Impact

We believe we have the power to create a prosperous and compassionate world for all living beings. You are a global economic player and you have the ability to choose how you impact the world with every financial transaction. Join us in transforming the energy of money one transaction at a time.

Help the Planet

By using VeganPay, you participate in a compassionate economy that breaks away from all the business-as-usual economies out there. An economy where the word “value” means more than the capitalistic measure of the benefit provided by goods. Knowledge is power: now, with advanced AI & Deep Learning technology we can compute our individual, as well as, collective footprint on the planet.

Support Vegan Businesses

VeganPay is a new source for generating real value, beyond just the capitalistic measure of the benefit provided by goods. By using VeganPay, you are enabling businesses to share capabilities and help each other do better business worldwide.

Strengthen Vegan Trade

Sell your products, services or gift cards on the VeganNation marketplace, accept in-store mobile payments and pay your vendors and suppliers using the digital wallet.

The VeganNation App
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Our global community platform enabling us to empower, support and strengthen each other.

Join the community of like minded individuals, businesses & organizations.

Full digital wallet enabling crowdfunding, P2P lending & B2B credit line services.

Share food & recipes with your fellow vegans.

Find vegan businesses locally.

A marketplace to buy & trade with compassion (coming soon).

Benefits of Becoming A Partner:

Join the global network that includes PETA, Sea Shepherd, Veganz and Freedom Farm and so many more. You will get access to crowdfunding capabilities which will allow your business or organization to appeal directly to the vegan community.

Get access to the B2B Credit Line Program where larger businesses in the plant base & sustainable industry can extend you a loan or credit line directly to your business or via the VeganNation Emergency Fund.

VeganNation will offer you business support, webinars and more from top global and local experts. We are here to help guide & lead your business out of this crisis better and stronger. You will also receive a free consultation on government programs available to you due to COVID-19.

Imagine a new kind of economy, one that is fair, just and compassionate towards all beings.
Let's become an inspiring nation for the world.
Let's unite with common goals.
Let's create real impact and value.