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VeganCoin is the fuel that drives the global vegan ecosystem. The day-to-day needs of hundreds of millions of people will be met on our blockchain-based, decentralized marketplace. VeganNation alongside VeganCoin will empower humanity to move towards a more conscious and ethical future.

Presale Begins April 30th


Why Choose VeganNation ?

We in VeganNation, share this conviction and strongly believe that a designated coin will not only unite vegans, but empower the community, creating a force to be reckoned with. A strong and united community will be able to have a bigger impact on pressing global issues and make the vegan lifestyle more approachable and attainable.

vegan Lifestyle

VeganNation is based on the same set of values that makes up the vegan way of life. These values include, among others, mutual responsibility and respect for the environment, as well as a sense of compassion for all living creatures, and a strong moral compass


Our blockchain-based ecosystem incorporates these values in an effort to empower those who truly live by them. A cruelty-free one-stop-shop brings Consumers, business owners and even corporates together, all using one cryptocurrency, making it easier, cheaper and safer to trade.


Our mission is to bring the global community together, make veganism more approachable and attainable while empowering each individual member and helping them make an even bigger impact. A united vegan nation will create an international support system and tend to member’s day-to-day needs and aspirations.

Join VeganNation’s

Are you a vendor who would like to join VeganNation in our efforts of making plant-based living a common standard for the planet? Join the vegan revolution now by adopting the first cruelty-free cryptocurrency, VeganCoin, as a method of payment for your product and services.

To read about the benefits of accepting VeganCoin, please click here.

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Token Allocation & Use of Proceeds

VeganNation’s token, the VCN, is the engine of a vegan ecosystem, and ICO proceeds will be dedicated to building this vision.

Token Sale

  • Start Time : Coming Soon
  • Goal: $ 60 M
  • End Time : ------------
  • Soft Cap: $ 10 M
  • Available Token : 1,000,000,000
  • Acceptable Currency : BTC, ETH, USD, EUR

Token Allocation Token Allocation

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  • 20% ICO and presale
  • 30% decentralized community incentive pool
  • 10% decentralized content incentives
  • 10% decentralized Evergreen incentives
  • 20% VeganNation
  • 10% founders and advisors

Use Of Proceeds

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  • R&D and Operations (33%)
  • Marketing and Sales (35%)
  • Community development (7%)
  • Contingency 10%
  • Administration, Accounting, Legal and 15%
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Don’t Miss The VeganNation WebApp!

VeganNation is bringing the global community together by creating a fully functioning ecosystem, with the VCN as the driving force behind all operations, empowering the new vegan economy.

The VeganNation App is taking the global vegan community to a whole new level! All the nation’s platforms are available right in your jeans pocket with food-sharing, content from all over the world and cruelty-free shopping at your fingertips.

Our Documents

VeganNation’s Vision Put Into Words .

VeganNation’s Team

Working together to make a change.

Isaac Thomas

CEO & Founder

Nati Giat

CTO & Co Founder

Shneor Shapira

VP BD & Co Founder

Yossi Raybi

BD & Co Founder

Manish Sharma

Product Development

Elhanan Bayazi


Rena Thomas

CDO & Software Engineer

Amir Giat

Roberta Nigri

Roberta Nigri

Biz Dev
Danielle Flynn

Danielle Flynn

Social Media Manager

Yael Tamar


Noam Shane Ashwal

Head of Investor Relations
Omri Schul

Omri Schul

Creative Manager

Gal Cohen

Head of content

Ivria Sackton

Office Manager

Melanie Kirkpatrick

Business Development

Gil Michaeli

Investor Relations Representative

Advisory Board & Governance

Angel Investor

Ron Lubash

Angel Investor

Adam Snukal

Shareholder at Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Liron Langer - Chief Investment Officer, Nielsen Innovate

Liron Langer

Chief investment officer , Nielsen Foundation

Michael Strauss

Dean of YU Syms School of Business

Technology & Innovation

Alex Mashinsky

Founder of Celsius

David Ring

Co-Founder of Etoro & Colu

Mark Noorlander

Co Founder Flashboys

Oliver Naegele

HELIX Orange - Generation ICO

Cryptocurrency & Tokenomics

Vered Itzhaki

CEO at Protective Financial Consultancy

Ian Scarffe

Blockchain - ICO Strategist Advisor

Gil Karie

Project Manager at Zell Entrepreneurship program.

Sean Brizendine


Vegan Influencers

Author, Composer, Educator, Musician, Visionary

Dr. Will Tuttle

Author, Composer, Educator, Musician, Visionary
Founder and Board Member at Climate Healers

Sailesh Rao

Founder and Board Member at Climate Healers

Ian Duncan Macfarlane

Ubuntu Wellness Founder
Israeli Jewish Religious Scholar and Vegan Activist

Asa Keisar

Israeli Jewish Religious Scholar and Vegan Activist

Jenna Dewan

vegan celebrities
Israeli Jewish Religious Scholar and Vegan Activist

Jerome Flynn

vegan celebrities

Road Show

VeganNation is on a world tour, joining conferences and meetups while spreading our vision of a global community.

Blockchain Zug


28 May 2018



28 May 2018
26 - 27 June 2018
28 May 2018
17 June 2018
6 - 7 June 2018
24 - 25 May 2018

Blockchain conference


22 May 2018
18 May 2018
14 - 16 May 2018
23 - 24 April 2018
17 April 2018
8 - 9 March 2018

Next Events

Come and meet us at our next road-show events

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is VeganNation?

VeganNation is a global, vegan, decentralized nation, powered by the blockchain technology. VeganCoin is the nation's currency, enabling transactions between the nation membersand service providers.

2. What is the purpose of VeganNation?

Veganism is a way of life, not just a diet and Living a vegan, cruelty-free life can be a challenge. Our mission is to create a vegan ecosystem, assisting vegans with every aspect of their lives and making veganism easy to adopt and maintain.

3. Why do vegans need a nation?

The world is currently made up of nations built on geographical borders. In the past decade these borders have become less significant as the rise of the Internet in general and social networks in particular, has connected people from all over the world regardless of their location. New communities have been built on shared beliefs and values, giving people a chance to communicate with others similar to them without the need to consider physical distance. Vegans are a perfect example of a community scattered around the globe, using blogs, web pages and Facebook groups to communicate and take action. Research has shown that maintaining a lifetime of veganism depends more on supportive social networks than on willpower or motivation. Giving vegans worldwide an opportunity to unite and create one global nation is imperative and even essential in order to facilitate the change this community so strongly seeks.

4. Where is VeganNation based?

VeganNation is headquartered in the United States and has satellite offices in Israel, the United Kingdom, and Russia.

5. Why should I be a part of this project?

Being a part of VeganNation means you are about to participate in two world-changing revolutions; the first is the vegan revolution, and the second is the blockchain technology revolution. Vegans have been making their mark on our planet for thousands of years and this impact is becoming increasingly necessary as man-made environmental threats continue to accumulate. Blockchain technology was introduced to the world in 2009 and since then has been incorporated in different industries. The power this technology holds is endless! Harnessing blockchain to empower a global community and create a nation without geographical boundaries is an absolutely thrilling opportunity.

1. When and how will VCN tokens be distributed to token sale participants?

Tokens will be released to buyers following the token sale when we release version 1.0 of the VeganNation platform. That version will include a secure wallet/passport for holding VCN tokens and our first application, VeganPoint. Public token sale will begin on November 2018.

2. Is there a minimum contribution?

In the crowdsale stage, The minimum contribution currently stands at $500 US, or it's equivalent in Ether or Bitcoin. In the pre-sale stage, the contribution minimum is $35,000 with wire transfer or an equivalent in ETH.

3. Why do you accept ETH and not NEO for example?

The ETH fundraising platform and technological options at this point of time is better than anything else on the market.

4. What is Vegan Coin?

Vegan coin is the first cruelty-free cryptocurrency, designated for vegan worldwide. The VCN will be the engine behind an entire ecosystem that will provide vegans with their day to day needs spanning food, e com, content, support system, innovation and much more.

5. What do I need the VCN token for?

Our token is creating a new blockchain based economy and giving vegans all over the world a chance to create their own monetary system. You need this token if you want to be a part of the revolution and also, if you want to make your lifestyle easier to maintain.

1. What is the role of blockchain in VeganNation?

blockchain has presented us with the possibility of building a community-based economy with our own designated token. This wouldn’t have been possible without blockchain. Our tracking system and reputation system wouldn’t have been possible to create without the rising technology.

2. What is the Evergreen tracking system and how why is blockchain so important in creating it?

A transaction is a transfer of value between Bitcoin wallets that gets included in the block chain. Bitcoin wallets keep a secret piece of data called a private key or seed, which is used to sign transactions

3. Why is blockchain important in creating a global community?

Trust is crucial when creating a global community and blockchain is the trust-enhancing machine. It assures transparency and safety in the vegan economy and inside our growing ecosystem. Our tracking system is based on smart-contracts that allow all participants to see every step of the vetting and approval of businesses and supply-chain components.

Strategic Partners

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