How often do you hear a seasoned wall street investor and prominent crypto expert say “Karma is the physics of life”? Meet Lou Kerner

During blockchain week in Israel, we hosted Lou for VeganNation’s weekly happy hour. Happy hour indeed it was, listening to firey Lou share his decades of experience on wall street up until his moment of seeing the light when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Lou’s vast experience in community building has taught him that true communities found the path to have its members gain more than they contribute. Which couldn’t be more true of nature; think of how little we put into planting and watering a tree and then the fruits we gain in return for a lifetime, putting nature as the ultimate community; our only support system.

Lou also touched on the fact that for companies to be successful timing is everything. Which is why in the current climate, VeganNation’s lease of thousands of acres in the Amazon rainforest could not be more timely in addressing today’s most pressing challenges with the most innovative technologies available.

VeganNation leases roughly 15,000 acres of the Amazon Rainforest for conservation.

Our team members got to ask Lou whatever was on their minds. 

Questions ranged from crypto liquidity and speculation, to how to apply a holistic view with karma when it involves building a vegan nation.

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Cheers to the weekend 🍻

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