We joined a roundtable in Pardes Hanna, an innovative and forward-thinking community, to hear what they have to say about the new vegan economy.

The more I meet fellow vegans, the more I am convinced of the need for a new, sustainable and fair vegan economy. The vegans I meet care deeply about decreasing consumerism, shifting the globe to a sustainable economy and helping people transition to a plant-based diet. 

These new ideas and realities cannot come about with old money.

Most, if not all, were active in their respective communities and circles, constantly looking how to take veganism forward. Our host, started one of the first vegan kindergartens and is the only one that is plastic free. He is one of our very first pioneers and the first to point out how his community was the first to use an alternative currency in Israel. 

Then came the million-dollar-question — what are you willing to do for VeganCoin? 

The answers were inspiring and ranged from advertising VeganNation‘s work on their platforms to accepting VeganCoin as tuition.

We followed up with another question to the activists and asked where they would like to see VeganNation’s efforts expended in making the world a better place. Some cared more about preserving the Amazon Rainforest while others chose to focus more on the heightening the awareness around a plant-based diet or making veganism more accessible to people all over the world.

At the end of the day, VeganCoin’s success is in the power of the community. The power of a community cannot be over emphasized, it’s the reason why the US Dollar lost 99.8% of its value to the Bitcoin. The power of the community is what will shift the wealth from the corporate world to communities.

What are you willing to do for VeganCoin? Let us know in your comments below.

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