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Let’s talk about love. 

With all our ambitions to change the world, we can’t forget what occupies so much of our time and mind. It might seem a bit frivolous to talk about love, with all the important issues we deal with, but we can’t neglect what we all need and desire so much.

Unfortunately, doing the right thing can often complicate things. Love is just another obstacle and unique challenge that vegans deal with. Call us naïve, but we really believe that happy content people will be the first to help us spread the love. 

Love towards people, animals, and our planet.

This is why we decided to shed some light on this topic. We turned to our team and community, to hear from their own experience, and things got heated fast. 

Here is just some of what they had to say:

I’d much rather French kiss my dog then kiss someone that just eat meat

– said Inbar M, our marketing guru – 

The one time I tried to date a none vegan was really uncomfortable so now 

my options have been limited”.

I‘ve turned Vegan last year and my boyfriend is supportive but that has definitely put a strain on our relationship. Planning our future and family together seems more complicated now

– Natalie, one of our community members, shared candidly.

I always try to be inclusive but meat is just not something I can live with

 – said Danielle F, our social media manager, and shared a similar sentiment.

Divorced because of it…

– admitted another avid Facebook member, Monica R.

With all that, it’s not hard to see why there is a real need for a solution. 

And apparently, we‘re not the only one that shares the sentiment. 

FindVegLove is our partner and a project that took on the mission to create 

life-changing matches, long term relationships and love stories in the 

vegan and vegetarian community”.

We here, at VeganNation, command their ambition and were inspired to take initiative. 

We can’t spill the beans on all the details, but you can expect our very own 

Vegan Nation dating event soon!

For more updates and information follow us and join the revolution here.

One Love.

Vegan Love was originally published in VeganNation on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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