The 91 year old vegan author.

David Dobreiner is a retired professor that taught architectural design in the United States and Canada that has given lectures at MIT, Harvard and UC Berkeley. He keeps a very active lifestyle; cycling around 7 miles a day and credits his vegan diet to a key part of his healthy lifestyle. His most recent book just came out in 2019 called Organicity: Entropy or Evolution that focuses on creating a sustainable solution to humanities environmental concerns, something we are also very passionate about at Vegan Nation.

Do life long vegetarians live longer?

I am 91 and have been a vegetarian most of my life. For the last 12 years  I have been a strict vegan in what I consume and wear. The only exception is when I may have drunk a small glass of something that may have been treated with something such as fish scales but  doesn’t declare the fact. But if I knew that this was a fact in any particular case I would immediately forbid myself to drink it. I am not an alcoholic, or anywhere near it. I usually have a night cap of a quarter of a wine glass of Marsala but if any doctor ever told me this was harmful I would have no difficulty at all in giving it up.

Although I have a heart condition, the prescription I take for it renders me completely symptom free. I do physical yoga in the morning and usually a 7 mile bike ride in the afternoon. When I told my doctor I was planning to live to 100, to my surprise she did not laugh. Instead she declared that in all probability I would live a few years longer than that. This cheered me  as I would like to make it at least till 2030, the cut off year when Greta Thunberg (and all the climate scientists) says we will know whether life on earth has a future or not.

The males in my family have never been long lived, neither on my mother’s or my father’s side. But ancestry is irrelevant since medical science has dramatically lengthened human life, at least in the developed world. But what about my own generation? A fair comparison would be with my four siblings (one sister and three brothers) None of them were vegetarian or vegans, as far as I know – certainly not for most of their lives. But the fact is, none of them made it into their 80’s. Varioius forms of cancer and in my sister’s case an aneurism took them away. God bless ’em