Fruitarianism: An Interview With Loren Lockman

 1. What is a Fruitarian?

Lockman: “A fruitarian is someone who eats a fruit-based diet. Honestly, I don’t usually use the term because it’s not “scientific and so doesn’t have any accepted meaning; some people think it means only fruit and others think that it can include leafy greens, nuts and seeds, etc. Our closest primate relatives are “frugivores” and this is the term that I usually use to describe myself. A frugivore is an animal that eats a fruit-based diet (just as a carnivore may occasionally eat things besides flesh) a frugivore’s diet does indeed include leaves, nuts and seeds, and can include insects and even some flesh in nature; obviously, as a vegan, my diet includes no animal products at all.”

2. What inspired you into this lifestyle?

Lockman: “I became very ill within 6 months of college and got worse with 3 years of medical care. At that point, I went back to conventional nutrition as I had started to study it at 15 and reasoned that maybe it could help me. I quickly realized I was doing everything that it told me I should be doing and was still sicker than anyone I knew. I then reasoned that nutrition had to make a difference to health and so the issue had to be with conventional nutrition. I sought to determine what was actually natural to my body as I had an inherent life-long trust of nature and believed (and still do!) that nature held all of the answers. I became aware that every species had a natural diet and so my quest was to determine what was natural for humans; I quickly realized that what was natural for our closest primate relatives is also natural for us and in fact, our digestive tracts have changed very little and are nearly identical to those of the chimps and bonobos…”

3. Why is being a Fruitarian better and healthier than being a vegan?

Lockman: “First of all, eating a fruit-based diet is better than a standard vegan diet because an optimal diet is much better defined by what it includes rather than by what it removes. In other words, removing animal products in no way means that a diet is optimal. I got sick living mostly on pizza and beer and one could continue eating vegan pizza and beer; or nothing but vegan junk food. So while it’s true that animal products aren’t very good for us and will invariably lead to disease, processed vegan food is also not very healthy. So to make a diet as healthy as possible for our bodies, it must not only avoid animal products and processed foods, it must only include those things that our bodies are actually adapted for: fruits and soft, tender leafy greens.”

4. What are the health benefits?

Lockman: “The health benefits are a higher level of health and vitality in every way; more vital, more vibrant, clearer mind, better functioning body, more balanced, more calm, faster recovery time after exercise or injury, more resistance to being sick, ability to detoxify in real-time on an ongoing basis, etc. Honestly, the differences are so enormous that it’s not even possible for the average person to really grasp how much better they could feel until they’ve experienced it.”

5. What are the possible side effects?

Lockman: “Simply changing one’s diet to a diet that is invariably much higher water and fiber than one is used to will often create some digestive-system upset initially as the body begins to rehydrate and move old material. Similarly, there may be other symptoms that can occur as the body begins to cleanse and heal much faster on a fruit-based raw vegan diet than it ever did before. Many people don’t realize that symptoms are always evidence that the body is attempting to cleanse and heal and so imagine that the symptoms mean that there’s a problem with the diet, but this is not so. Once the body is truly clean and efficient (achieved much more rapidly via water-only fasting both long-enough and properly) there is no comparison to how it feels on an optimal fruit-based raw vegan diet versus any other diet.”

6. What is the Tanglewood Wellness Center?

Lockman: “Tanglewood is the world’s largest dedicated water-only fasting center where over the last 22.5 years we’ve guided more than 5000 clients from more than 110 countries (including dozens of Israelis) through water-only fasts averaging 26 days.”

7. What is water fasting and it’s process?

Lockman: “Water fasting (more accurately called, ‘water-only fasting,”) is the process of resting completely while sipping water for a period of time so that one’s body can use all of its energy to cleanse and heal itself.”

8. How do you encourage and inspire your clients at the wellness center?

Lockman: “ I use a multi-fold approach to encourage and inspire them:
A) I teach them the principles so that they truly understand what’s possible
B) I share many case histories with them so that they can see examples of people who have gotten the results that they wanted for themselves, and
C) I model the behavior for them, being a living example of the principles in action”

9. For someone who is considering adopting a fruitarian lifestyle, how would you recommend they get started in a safe manner?

Lockman: “One can simply change to a fruit-based diet with no danger. And if they prefer, they can also begin to modify their diet little by little rather than changing everything at once.”

10. How do you handle vitamin deficiencies and would you say that this lifestyle choice is “extreme” and not recommended for everyone?

Lockman: “ Nothing contains more vitamins than fruit and soft, tender leaves, and more important than vitamin (and overall nutrient content) is nutrient availability. Each species has a digestive tract specifically adapted to their particular diet and eating anything else will never come close to meeting their body’s needs as well as their own species-specific diet. In one study which demonstrates this, they gave human subjects a measured quantity of kale. They determined how many “vitamin A equivalency units” were available from the kale (the amount of beta carotene that could be converted into vitamin A in the body) and then measured to see how much was actually absorbed. At a later date, they gave the same subjects a measured quantity of papaya and again, calculated how much vitamin A could be made in the body from the beta carotene that the specific serving contained and then compared it to what was actually absorbed by each person. On average, the subjects got twice as much vitamin A from the papaya as they did from the kale even though the kale contained twice as much beta carotene, meaning that it was 4 times easier/more effective to get vitamin A from the papaya then from the kale. This clearly demonstrates that it is Not about how much of a nutrient a substance contains, but rather, how easily the body can absorb it and each species invariably does best with the natural diet that it’s body is particularly adapted to.”

For more information about Tanglewood Wellness Center and Loren Lockman please visit →

Did You See ASU’s New Sustainable Gear ?  was originally published in VeganNation on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Did You See ASU’s New Sustainable Gear?

Precisely for this, it’s exciting to see Arizona State University flaunt their sustainable uniform by adidas America in their game against UCLA in Pasadena, CA. The set of all-white new uniforms for 2019 use little dye and are made of adidas’ Econyl Yarn. The only gold that might appear will be on the palms of the gloves.

The sports industry’s need to transition to sustainable gear, products and operations is just as necessary as any other industry. Given the passion of the fans for their sport and favorite team, the sports industry can actually become the leader in sustainability and inspire their fans to follow. With the new Game Changers documentary out on Netflix, athletes can become a crucial player in changing the stigma around a plant-based lifestyle and the stereotype for a “manly” man should eat.

We want to see more sports teams feature sustainable gear, encourage their athletes to eat vegan, and offer plant-based food stands at their games.

Change is coming and we hope the sports industry will take the lead on this pressing climate challenge.

Did You See ASU’s New Sustainable Gear ?  was originally published in VeganNation on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Can music Save the Earth?

In case you missed it, today is… Earth day! 


Throughout the years, many musicians and pop stars used their talents to bring awareness to this planet we all inhabit. With this blog, I would like to pay tribute to some of the artists and songs that will forever be part of this important struggle’s soundtrack.

This cause is inherent to Vegan Nation’s Dream and along with the upcoming release of our Vegan app & Cruelty-free Coin , this is our main focus for the week.

Michaels Jackson — Heal the earth

Probably one of the most recognizable earth songs to date. Back in the innocent days of the ’90s, every child, women and man chanted together “Heal the world, make it a better place”. It became a cultural phenomenon, with many of the most famous artists at the time, performing it live to help raise money to heal the earth.

Since then, Michael Jackson has become very controversial, but in the midst of his hay days, he used his fame and platform to do some good for the planet.

Following his huge success with Heal The Earth, Jackson released another environmental conscious hit. While lyrics like “What have we done to the world Look what we’ve done” are a bit on the nose, there is no doubt he helped turn the attention and blame to the damage mankind brought on.

With this message and strong carnage visuals, he cried for us to stop taking our planet for granted. It might be hard to reconcile with all his dark history that came to light since, but there is no denying the impact he had. Way before everyone was talking about climate change he was singing about it.

The Smiths -Meat Is Murder:

This timeless gem is the title for The Smiths 2nd album from 1984. Some people are just ahead of the curve, and this is definitely the case with Morrisey, the iconic frontman of this 80’s cult band. He was one of the first musicians to utilize his mesmerizing voice to help coin the phrase 

meat is murder” for the general public.

It might not have been as famous as the Michael Jackson anthems, but with Morrissey’s emotional connection to his fans and hard-felt lyrics, his impact is undeniable. ”The flesh you so fancifully fry, Is not succulent, tasty or kind, It’s death for no reason And death for no reason is murder” 

There are thousands of diehard fans who, till this day, claim it was Morrisey and those words that turned them Vegan.

Toto — Africa

An 80’s classic by its own right, this track has become even more popular throughout the years, gaining more popularity and finding a new audience online and across social media. The entire song is a love letter for the dark continent and the origin of mankind.

While this song is not explicitly about the earthlike the others, it is one of the first to shed light on the suffering and destruction caused by man to all species on this beautiful continent. This song was rediscovered by many, as well as the recent cover by the Indi band, Weezer.

Lil dickey — Earth

David Andrew Burd, AKA “ Lil Dicky” is a rapper, comedian and huge innovator. Known for his clever lyrics, humoristic approach and highly creative video’s, his latest hit, titled earth”, is no different. 

Lil Dicky is not one to take himself too seriously but this time he tackles a topic that we can’t effort to make light of.

I like to find ways to impact humanity behind my usual dick and fart jokes” he said to Time magazine . while still using his wit and comedic skills to make it into a fun viral hit. And with the collaboration tradition of this type of songs, Lil Dicky recruits all the biggest stars like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Snoop Dogg (and the list goes on) together and will donate the profits for for a various environmental organizations.

What are your most memorable environment songs? 

Join Vegan Nation Here, tell us all about it and follow us for all the latest updates!

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The Vegan Summer is here!

The Vegan Summer is here!

Vegan Nation

Get your shades on and slip into your favorite flip flops because its that time we’ve been waiting for all year! So whether you’re packing for your vacation or working on that tan, VeganNation is all about helping you plan your cruelty-free summer times!

By now, thousands of vegan businesses have joined us but here are 5 of our sunny partners that will help you be prepared for the hot days ahead!

First thing first,

let’s get that tan in check!


Eco Tan is an amazing company, from the land down under, that will help you get that nice bronze look you’ve always wanted. And if you wondered, it’s 100% vegan, organic and certified Toxic Free.


They also offer a wide range of sunscreen, to protect you from that grilling sun, so better stock up here.

2. Based in Israel, Gurus live up to their name as an authority for summer footwear. In a country where flip flops are the official look for half a year, there is nothing more important than a good pair, that will get you where ever you need while still looking hip.

You will never look better or feel more comfortable, knowing that you‘re rocking eco- friendly and cruelty-free materials under your feet.

3. Nothing beats a cold refreshing smoothie on a boiling summer day and no summer list is complete without a good juice tip!


We all know how important it is to hydrate and with their super tasty cold-pressed juice,

The fix got just what you need!

4. Time to so say goodbye to your coats, put the sweater back into the closet and slip into something more comfortable!

Summer is here and we need to dress the par so meet Studio JUX, out stylish partners that will make sure that you’re looking and feeling fresher than ever.

Whether you’re looking for your new swimming suit or casual shorts,

they have what you need with their eco-conscious summer collection.


5. A vegan resort in the Caribbean?

It sounds like paradise and it might just be the closest thing. This hidden gem, in the heart of Beliz, should be on the bucket list of every vegan with a taste for the exotic lifestyle. It was an inspiring vision for a better world that led one impressive woman to move to Belize and create this vegan heaven on earth.

One 5 star trip advisor review reads: “Quiet, relaxing, welcoming “

 while another praise it as a

vegan oasis in the jungle!

This is just a taste of our summer catalog but there is much more to come.

Join the movement here and Follow us at VeganNation for more tips and recommendations

for a fun cruelty-free summer!

The Vegan Summer is here! was originally published in VeganNation on Medium,

where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story

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Water For Life

Water For Life

Vegan Nation




 The molecule that composes roughly 60% of our body and 70% of the earth’s surface, making it life’s most essential compound. Lack of access to clean water leads to war, starvation, and misery to all living kind. Yet, many of us still take it for granted. 


Therefore, this week we‘re focusing on this noble cause. 

So, let’s all stop to appreciate a nice sip of water and get going!


Fortunately, there are many incredible changemakers working on improving the quality and accessibility to freshwater around our planet. 

Here are just 3 exceptional projects that caught our attention :


One of the biggest organizations, devoted to cleaning up water for developing nations. 

They are active for over 10 years, in 27 countries, funded over 38,000 projects, using the help of over 1 million donors, that supplied water to almost 10 Milion people! 

You can find a map with all their projects here and get involved to make a real change.

2. Fight for the forgotten.

Meet Justin Wren, MMA expert, Martial arts specialist and professional cage fighter. Probably not your typical poster boy for compassion and philanthropic work but this man found a new cause to fight for. His book title says it all: 

Fight for the Forgotten: How a Mixed Martial Artist Stopped Fighting for Himself and Started Fighting for Others”.

This organization has devoted itself to supply water for the pygmies in the Congo and all the oppressed in developing countries.


Most teenagers are worried about school, friends or what people think of them. Not this exceptional young man that at age 18 started his inspiring project to clean up the oceans. It was his passion for diving that opened his eyes to all the waste in the oceans water. An entrepreneur at heart, he used the power of his technological innovation to found his organization and raise money for the cause.

While many focus on clean drinking water, we must not forget that the ocean is the living habitats for most of the earth creators as well as a huge source for the world’s agriculture. Listen to a clip from his fascinating interview on the Joe Rogan Podcast

As you might know, Vegan Nation is already sponsoring 4 Brazilian football teams from the amazons and collaborating to bring awareness for deforestation damages. We are now looking to expand and get involved with other important environmental causes.

Are you involved with, or know of other organizations working towards clean water preservation and sustainability? 

Let us know as we’d love to connect with more teams leading change and making a difference to support and promote their efforts.

Water for life was originally published in VeganNation on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Sustainability Now

Sustainability Now

Mattan Yuger




Some think it’s just a fancy word for recycling but its more like a way of life. By now, all of us heard how important it is to recycle, but few of us really take the time to think of what is at stake. The scope of the problem and threats that lay ahead are too big and overwhelming to really comprehend. This can be dangerous as it often leads to indifference.

While no one can carry the weight of our planet on his shoulders, everything we do matters. We have to work together and inspire each other. It might be a cliché, but it’s how we faced our challenges from the dawn of man. Solutions come from innovation. 

This is why Vegan Nation is proud to partner with, and promote, companies who use creative ways to offer sustainable solutions.

1. Sunglasses are the first item on those bright days. Not only is it important to protect our eyes, but we all want that cool summer look. So look no further and meet Waterhaul. From Newfoundland, they found creative ways to use their passion for the outdoors and produce adventure & coastal lifestyle equipment from recycled plastic and fishing nets.

They specialize in eyewear with their fresh design for sunglasses. You can never beat that glowing look, walking with style while helping to sustain the planet!

Everyone loves to brag with a brand new pair of shoes! Especially ones oozing with so much charm. It’s not every day we can say that we partnered with an award-winning designer but that’s the case with VEJA. This ecological sneakers brand is acclaimed for its Sustainability, ethics, and complete organic materials.

And most importantly, they ship globally. So check them out, grab yourself a pair and tread with style!

When it comes to fashion and class the Italians are second to none. 

And IOAMO, an Italian brand, and its Tel Aviv branch is no exception. They specialize in women’s bags with dazzling designs from a wide range of recycled materials. 

Their motto is “Italian heart, international vision” and their goal is to use imagination and creativity to create slick, striking and cutting edge designs.


We turn flip-flop into art” 

is not something you hear every day. And this is exactly what we aspire to and look for at Vegan Nation. Those ideas that no one thought about before. 

Ocean Sole Africa is a collective of artists, carpenters, and entrepreneurs, working to make waste into art. All while creating work in countries struggling with unemployment and bring attention to something we can’t afford to neglect.

We truly believe It’s those out of the box thinkers that will lead the way. 

Do You know of any other amazing projects and change makers? 

Tell us all about it and we will love to partner up and promote their work.

Are you working for sustainability?

Sign up here and become a vegan nation partner!

Sustainability Now was originally published in VeganNation on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story