Extinction Rebellion Leader Calling out the Economy

Phil Kingston, an 83 year old veteran activist, is calling out corporations, banks, mainstream media and the government.

In his speech Phil says “there is in Britain, and worldwide, the suppression of an essential debate: it is the relationship between the economy and the destruction of earth. It is effectively kept off limits by, first of all, the people who must run the economy financial and commercial top interest and they are supported by the mainstream media almost entirely and sadly, terrible sadly, they are supported by almost all politicians.

As a software engineer programming a new economy, I could not have agreed more. As a cryptocurrencies programmer I view money as the DNA of a society; the way the money is programmed will determine the manner in which people behave. We see this phenomenon with the fiat money system of winners and losers, nature being on the losing end while fossil fuels and the animal agriculture industries being on the winning end.

We need a new currency constellation that assigns value to all living things, rainforests included. We need to stop seeing natural resources as treasures to be exploited by the strongest or most powerful.

Phil continued his powerful speech by saying “the belief that we can have never-ending growth is still being pushed ahead by all parties even though it is such that the mess we’re in. I was in the idea that being a consumer was part of my security. That’s gone a long time ago”.

I am calling upon all Extinction Rebellion and Animal Rebellion members to transition to the new sustainable economy, an economy that is distributed around the globe and is not controlled by a government or central entity. That is how we bring down the monster and stop this evil machine propelling us to our deaths.

For the sake of humanity, let’s unite!

Extinction Rebellion Leader Calls Out The Economy was originally published in VeganNation on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Global Climate Strike

Drastic times require drastic measures. The time to disrupt is now. Mass awakening is happening. Don’t be a follower, be a trendsetter!

I’ve been binge-watching Greta Thunberg all weekend. Following her work in the USA reaffirmed what I already knew — it does not matter your age, race, job, sexual orientation or religion — we can all do SOMETHING to help the planet.

The Green Revolution is upon us and many micro raindrops can create a storm. It is time for every person to join arms with the Global Climate Strike and do our part in forging a cleaner and more sustainable future.

This Friday, millions of school children are taking to the streets to protest the calamity of climate change and the inaction of governments and banks all over the world. This protest is to get the world’s biggest polluters to start paying. The time to clean up our oceans and rehabilitate our forests was yesterday. Find the strike happening near you here.

If you are wondering what you can do, you’d be amazed by the plethora of options available. The first and biggest step you can do in saving the planet is by going vegan and here is a vegan calculator to help you see how much you save the world by going vegan. I have been vegan for 3 years and according to the calculator I saved over 1.2 M gallons of fresh water, 43,000 lbs of grain, 21.9 lbs of CO2, and over 1,000 animals. These are staggering numbers!

Next, evaluate your travel habits; try to fly less and take trains and busses more. When you look for vacation destinations, consider some of these sustainable hotels.

My final tip of the day is to ditch government money. Government and bank controlled money is subsidizing the world’s most destructive industries and it is printed with animal products. Now, with the rise of digital currencies, is the time to start using them. 

VeganCoin is the only digital currency on the planet that is saving the amazon rainforest. If you want to join the sustainable new economy, click here.

Let’s come together in preparation for the global strike for the climate and take these steps in helping mother earth!


Global Climate Strike was originally published in VeganNation on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.