Sustainability Now

Mattan Yuger




Some think it’s just a fancy word for recycling but its more like a way of life. By now, all of us heard how important it is to recycle, but few of us really take the time to think of what is at stake. The scope of the problem and threats that lay ahead are too big and overwhelming to really comprehend. This can be dangerous as it often leads to indifference.

While no one can carry the weight of our planet on his shoulders, everything we do matters. We have to work together and inspire each other. It might be a cliché, but it’s how we faced our challenges from the dawn of man. Solutions come from innovation. 

This is why Vegan Nation is proud to partner with, and promote, companies who use creative ways to offer sustainable solutions.

1. Sunglasses are the first item on those bright days. Not only is it important to protect our eyes, but we all want that cool summer look. So look no further and meet Waterhaul. From Newfoundland, they found creative ways to use their passion for the outdoors and produce adventure & coastal lifestyle equipment from recycled plastic and fishing nets.

They specialize in eyewear with their fresh design for sunglasses. You can never beat that glowing look, walking with style while helping to sustain the planet!

Everyone loves to brag with a brand new pair of shoes! Especially ones oozing with so much charm. It’s not every day we can say that we partnered with an award-winning designer but that’s the case with VEJA. This ecological sneakers brand is acclaimed for its Sustainability, ethics, and complete organic materials.

And most importantly, they ship globally. So check them out, grab yourself a pair and tread with style!

When it comes to fashion and class the Italians are second to none. 

And IOAMO, an Italian brand, and its Tel Aviv branch is no exception. They specialize in women’s bags with dazzling designs from a wide range of recycled materials. 

Their motto is “Italian heart, international vision” and their goal is to use imagination and creativity to create slick, striking and cutting edge designs.


We turn flip-flop into art” 

is not something you hear every day. And this is exactly what we aspire to and look for at Vegan Nation. Those ideas that no one thought about before. 

Ocean Sole Africa is a collective of artists, carpenters, and entrepreneurs, working to make waste into art. All while creating work in countries struggling with unemployment and bring attention to something we can’t afford to neglect.

We truly believe It’s those out of the box thinkers that will lead the way. 

Do You know of any other amazing projects and change makers? 

Tell us all about it and we will love to partner up and promote their work.

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