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My business isn’t vegan, but we are a conscious-consumer company. Can I join the VeganNation Business Directory?

You most certainly can. All consumer-conscious businesses are welcome to join the VeganNation Business Directory. Simply register with the VeganNation app and follow the instructions to register your merchant account.

Who is looking at the VeganNation Business Directory?

All registered members of VeganNation within the community have access to the VeganNation Business Directory. Every day, they are looking for conscious-consumer companies like yours to buy and sell goods and services with you.

To be part of the VeganNation Business Directory, do I have to accept GRNC (GreenCoin)?

Yes. We are building the first truly sustainable green economy and the glue for that economy is GRNC (GreenCoin). To find out about all the benefits of GRNC (GreenCoin), please visit our GRNC (GreenCoin) page.

What is the difference between the VeganNation Business Directory and other vegan directories?

VeganNation is not an exclusively vegan directory. It is for all conscious-consumer and sustainable businesses. Also, our digital token, GRNC (GreenCoin), makes it quick and easy to make transfers from your customers and to your suppliers, if they are also part of the VeganNation community. We are the only green ecosystem working towards independent economic strength in this manner.

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