1. What is VeganNation?

VeganNation is an all-encompassing ecosystem uniting people, businesses, and organizations to empower consumers and enable discovery, sharing and purchasing vegan goods or services.

2. Why do we need VeganNation?

There are awesome vegan entrepreneurs all over the world innovating and disrupting the food space, however, they are not well known outside of their local community. We are here to make all businesses, regardless of location or technical capabilities, available and accessible to vegans everywhere. This will allow you to find and purchase ethical, sustainable, organic goods and services and allows the entrepreneurs to gain greater international exposure. We are here to grow, expand and strengthen the vegan economy. 


3. Is this an actual nation?



“A nation is a stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, history, ethnicity, or psychological make-up manifested in a common culture. Nations are collective communities that support one another by creating and following rules for the nation. Nations have currencies and economies, and often have a shared language.”


VeganNation’s platform is uniting hundreds of millions of vegans around the world into one global and decentralized nation. Our platform programmatically incorporates vegans’ shared values and needs, powered by our designated digital currency, VeganCoin, which is propelling the vegan economy forward.


4. Why do vegans need a nation?

We need VeganNation as an all-encompassing ecosystem if we want to fulfill our mission. We are on a mission to transition 100% of humanity to a vegan lifestyle by 2026. For that we must unite, join forces and show the world the purchasing power of the vegan community. By uniting under one nation, one shared marketplace, one social network and one currency we strengthen the economy, we strengthen VeganCoin which strengthens our financial capabilities. With our combined, financial and technological capabilities we will be able to conquer the world with peace and love. 


5. Can a nation really extend beyond geographical borders?

Physical borders are primitive and stem out of war and conquering and in the last decade we saw these borders become less significant, thanks to the internet. Today, we have the ability to upgrade the definition of a nation. With secured and decentralized platforms, communities are being built in digital frameworks, governed with smart contracts and are as fair as the laws of mathematics. Vegans are a perfect example of a group, whom have deep care and compassion for the planet and all living beings, united in creating a force to reckon with. Bringing vegans worldwide together as a single global nation is crucial to facilitating the change this community so badly desires. 


6. How is this different from other vegan initiatives?

VeganNation isn’t just promoting a vegan lifestyle, we’re delivering the platform that is making Veganism accessible and maintainable to everyone. It’s an all-encompassing vegan economy, powered by its own traceable digital currency to amplify vegan wealth.


7. Why do vegans need their own economy?

A nation is as strong as its economy and the economy is as strong as its currency. We want to build the strongest vegan power in the world and for that we need a new, clean, and cruelty-free economy to flourish.


8. How big is the vegan market?

Currently, the Vegan lifestyle is the fastest growing trend in the world and the economic opportunities that come with it are enormous. With 300,000,000 vegans around the world and growing at an astonishing rate, with a pledge by the Chinese government to cut meat consumption by 50% and with a triple-digit vegan population growth in the USA and Europe, we are sure of the path that we are on.


In 2017 alone, demand for plant-based options grew by 987%, the UK population now consumes 50% less beef, and the majority of Americans support a ban on slaughterhouses. According to Forbes: “sales of plant-based food in the US went up by 8.1% during the past year [2018], topping $3.1 billion…plant-based dairy alternatives are expected to represent 40% of the combined total of dairy and dairy alternative beverages within three years.”


The future is vegan, no question about it!

1. What is VeganCoin?

VeganCoin is a clean, cruelty-free, sustainable and kind digital currency, similar to Bitcoin but for the vegan community. VeganCoin is the economic force propelling the vegan economy forward.


2. Do vegans really need their own currency?

A nation is as strong as its economy and the economy is as strong as its currency and we are building the strongest vegan economy! For that we need a new, clean, and cruelty-free currency to flourish. Tens of central banks and governments use animal products to print their money, not to mention all the destructive industries that these moneys are funding. Vegans want a clean currency that is not plagued by animal cruelty and suffering. We also want more transparency and validity as to where our money has been and what our products are made from, a need that can be provided to you thanks to the new digital currency technology.


3. Where can I spend VeganCoin?

At thousands of vegan businesses who are now accepting VeganCoin as a payment method! 

You will be able to go to the supermarket, on vacation or to sports games using VeganCoin. In addition, hundreds of organizations like PETA and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society accept VeganCoin as a donation mechanism; find your local organization and start getting involved.


4. Why should I use VeganCoin?

For the first time in your life veganism is coming full circle, giving you the ability to put away with the dirty old currencies controlled by governments and central banks. VeganCoin is backed by the strongest community in the world, committed to cruelty-free living principles. By transacting with VeganCoin, you are helping amplify our vegan power.


5. Why not other currencies?

VeganCoin is the most meaningful utility token, here to service the vegan community, allowing direct trade between conscious consumers and ethical service providers. There are other currencies backed by dedicated communities internationally, but VeganCoin is the only official currency for the vegan community, where vegan values are incorporated in the technological platform. 


VeganCoin is much more than just a currency, it is the glue that unites vegans worldwide. VeganCoin is a unique currency that is amplifying our financial and economic influence in the global market and it is here to leverage our values and principles to facilitate positive change.

1. Why should I be a part of this project?

VeganNation is the strongest vegan platform with thousands of businesses, organizations, celebrities, and sports teams endorsing the initiative. We are making your vegan life easier and money more meaningful. We need each and every person to share our vision and take veganism to where it should be.


2. What do I gain out of joining VeganNation?

Here are just a few of the benefits we’ve packed into VeganNation: 

  • –    A full, global e-commerce marketplace for all vegan goods and services.
  • –    Find and buy a vegan meal at a local vegan family wherever you are in the world. You can also host vegan meals for people looking to eat in your area and get paid for it. 
  • –    Vegan networking, including meetups for offline activism initiatives
  • –    Earn VeganCoin from volunteering in local organizations, from contributing content to the social platform, from providing vegan-related expertise and from many more activities that are included in being a VeganNation citizen
  • –    Stay up to date with all the latest vegan innovations
  • –    Spend, invest, and support vegan businesses, charities and organizations
  • –    Connect, collaborate and excel with enthusiastic fellow vegans who share your passion for a cleaner and more compassionate planet
  • –    Join the most vibrant vegan social networking platform. The days of feeling like a lone vegan are over! 

3. How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved. You can start by purchasing VeganCoin, which will allow you to maximize your experience on the VeganNation platform. You can find the VeganNation app in all stores, begin participating in the online conversations, share photos, create events and share our inspiring progress with the rapidly growing vegan community.


As the nation grows, the opportunities grow too. The VeganNation platform is here to provide you with a louder voice and far greater exposure on our global platform.


1. Why should I partner with VeganNation

If you are a vegan business owner, the smart move is to join the strongest vegan community in the world. By joining VeganNation and accepting VeganCoin as a form of payment, you will be part of a unified global powerhouse that will strengthen your business and clientele. 

Our international platform’s exposure will directly grow your client base and a new wave of people from all over the world will now have access to your services. 


2. What’s my incentive to accept VeganCoin?

Say goodbye to bank and transaction fees and get ready to use VeganCoin, the official currency of the new vegan economy. A new economic era is dawning and we want you to be ahead of the curve. Not only do you declare to your customers that you share their values, you are a part of a greater vision of building a brand-new, cruelty free economy that is powered by the people and not central banks or governments.


3. How do I start accepting VeganCoin?

You can join us as partners here and be listed on app for everyone to access your services.


4. How will my customers know that we accept VeganCoin?

You will be listed on our platform as a vegan business and will appear under local searches, as well as, on our international marketplace. We will also send you a VeganNation kit with cool swag to hang up in your physical location.


5. How will you help us increase exposure of our business?

Your business will be featured in all social media accounts with thousands of subscribers. The VeganNation marketplace will also add your business enormous exposure from our international vegan community members. The marketplace will feature special offers or discounts for your products and shop.


6. How is the price of VeganCoin calculated?

Initially, the value of 1 VeganCoin will be equal to $0.5. As the currency grows and markets shift, the daily value will be determined by the laws of economics, currency demand and supply and community usage on the platform.


7. When can I start accepting VeganCoin?

You can start accepting VeganCoin when the public sale has officially ended.

1.Why is VeganNation having a public sale?

VeganCoin is only as good as the community backing, transacting and utilizing the currency. In order to bring the vegan lifestyle to every individual, we must empower vegans everywhere financially and technologically. For that, VeganNation is giving you a special opportunity to join the movement; a global financial and environmental revolution, where the power is being restored to the individual. 
With the official vegan digital currency, secured by the highest levels of cryptography and stored on a public transparent ledger, we are giving you a louder independent voice in the global economy. 
Now is your time to buy in. Whether you are an accredited investor, a long time vegan or an enthusiast –  the public sale enables you to purchase the official currency of the vegan community, endorsed by thousands of businesses, organizations, sports teams and celebrities. The more people whom purchase VeganCoin, benefit all parties involved by decentralizing the wealth of the Vegan community, amplifying our financial capabilities and adding new users to the new vegan digital economy. 
The VeganCoin sold over the period of the public sale will serve as the funding of the platform launch. 


2. When does the VeganCoin public sale begin?

The VeganCoin will be available for public participation starting April 30th.


3. How will the value of VeganCoin be determined?

Initially, the value of 1 VeganCoin will be equal to $0.5.  As the currency grows and markets shift, the daily value will be determined by the laws of economics, currency demand and supply and community usage on the platform.  


4. Is there a finite amount of currency in the market?

Yes, the total supply of VeganCoins will be 1,000,000,000 VCN.


5. What forms of public sale payment are available?

You will be able to purchase VeganCoin using a credit card, wire transfer (USD/EUR) or cryptocurrencies (BTC/ETH).


6. Is there a minimum contribution?

There is a minimum purchase of $100 at the public participation stage.


7. Do I have to be vegan to purchase VeganCoin?

VeganCoin is open for anyone that relates to the mission of a vegan world by 2026. VeganNation welcomes accredited investors and minimum purchasers alike; the more people purchase and transact with VeganCoin, the louder our voice becomes in the global markets.


1. Who are the people behind the project?

VeganNation was founded by Isaac Thomas, a seasoned entrepreneur with 17 years of experience in acquiring, developing, consulting, and leading visionary projects in the real estate and health industries. Isaac teamed up with his childhood friends who share the same passion for positive disruption and the vision of a vegan world by 2026.


2. Where is VeganNation based?

VeganNation is headquartered in London, UK and has a satellite office in Tel Aviv, Israel.


3. What inspired the inception of this project?



Contrary to popular belief, veganism isn’t primarily a dietary choice, it is a lifestyle choice spanning all areas of consumption from food and fashion, to travel and exploration. How can we zoom in on just one aspect when veganism touches every aspect of  lives? 


Thus, a decision to focus on an all-encompassing ecosystem, making vegans’ lives easier, providing the technological tools and support to make veganism accessible, maintainable and enjoyable came to pass. We view the creation of VeganNation, a platform fueled by our own economy and currency, as the best way to provide comprehensive support to the global vegan community. 

1. What role would VeganNation and VeganCoin play in my daily life?

You will be able to get everything you need as a vegan consumer using the VeganNation platform. We are a full vegan ecosystem, assisting vegans with every aspect of their lives on a daily basis. You will be able to shop at your local vegan market, travel to vegan hotels and cruise ships, eat at local restaurants and book food-sharing events in your area – all paid for using VeganCoin. You will also be able to find recipes, lifestyle tips and innovative ideas on the VeganNation social networking platform. Essentially, VeganNation is a one-stop-shop for all things vegan, servicing all compassionate vegans worldwide.


2. How is blockchain and digital currencies taking veganism to the next level? 

For the first time in history we can have a fully transparent supply-chain and a self-sufficient economy to propel the vegan community forward.

Blockchain as an architecture supports public record-keeping and is controlled by the collective community, allows for precise tracking and validation of products moving through the international supply-chain. With smart contracts that facilitate transactions between a seller and buyer, as well as high-tech verification mechanisms, now you can purchase vegan products with 100% surety of its integrity.

When purchasing products and services with VeganCoin, you not only pledge your allegiance to the vegan economy you also help amplify the financial power and independence of the vegan community. To this day, we needed banks who fund the most destructive industries on the planet and government controlled money that is printed with animal products. However, with the new economy of decentralized wealth and power, you can transact in a clean, green and cruelty-free economy.


3. How mainstream can VeganCoin become?

To answer this question, let’s take a look at the most valuable currency on the planet to this date – Bitcoin:

Bitcoin was born in 2009 with $0.0 value and with no real applicable utility. Since then, people rallied around the currency for anarchist, anonymity or opportunistic purposes. The ability to transfer anyone Bitcoins using a public cryptographic address, with verification of the transfer on the public-record-keeper (supported by thousands of decentralized computers worldwide), generated value for the currency and forged the way for Bitcoin to become the most expensive currency on the planet. 


With VeganCoin, the story gets even more exciting:

VeganCoin launched to service 300 million vegans (and growing!) worldwide with a clearly stated utility. VeganNation has secured thousands of partnerships, with a variety of vegan businesses in every continent worldwide that accepts the currency as a payment mechanism. 

The value that will be generated from as little as 1% of the vegan community using VeganCoin is mind boggling. People who purchased Bitcoin when it was $0.50 have made more than 3000% return on their money. With a very conservative outlook, the official vegan currency for the global vegan community can surpass Bitcoin’s success for a simple reason: the vegan community. Our collective vegan community is the most dedicated, passionate and proactive community in the world and when we rally around our official vegan currency we unlock unbelievable potential to positively disrupt the consumer markets.


VeganCoin becoming a financial superpower depends on you every vegan consumer out there. Join us today so you do not regret it tomorrow!