Precisely for this, it’s exciting to see Arizona State University flaunt their sustainable uniform by adidas America in their game against UCLA in Pasadena, CA. The set of all-white new uniforms for 2019 use little dye and are made of adidas’ Econyl Yarn. The only gold that might appear will be on the palms of the gloves.

The sports industry’s need to transition to sustainable gear, products and operations is just as necessary as any other industry. Given the passion of the fans for their sport and favorite team, the sports industry can actually become the leader in sustainability and inspire their fans to follow. With the new Game Changers documentary out on Netflix, athletes can become a crucial player in changing the stigma around a plant-based lifestyle and the stereotype for a “manly” man should eat.

We want to see more sports teams feature sustainable gear, encourage their athletes to eat vegan, and offer plant-based food stands at their games.

Change is coming and we hope the sports industry will take the lead on this pressing climate challenge.

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