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VeganNation was created from the entrepreneurial spirit, imagination and aspiration of Founder and Chairman, Isaac Thomas.

Meditating on the beach in Los Angeles, Isaac came to the realization that it was time to start living a more sustainable, plant-based lifestyle. From the deep necessity to put positive cyclical energy into the world, he began to change the way he lived.

One day, hungry while cycling through the Alps, Isaac found that traditional, mountain-top Austrian inns were not the best place for plant-based options. Ever the entrepreneur, Isaac took this experience as inspiration.

Isaac had always been a dreamer and a builder. It was no surprise that his love of Legos as a boy led him to his first job in construction at the age of 15, which in turn grew into a significant real estate portfolio.

With entrepreneurship in his bones and a firm belief in the power of uniting people for a common cause, Isaac understood that conscious consumers around the planet needed to be empowered. He saw a gap in the market which, if bridged, would synergistically improve the global economy, and support a more sustainable existence, while working towards Thriveability.

A singular app, integrating social networking, a unique sustainable online marketplace and an economy supported by a green payment-method option. All in one place. All with a positive impact on the world.

Together with his childhood friends, Yossi Raybi and Shneor Shapira, VeganNation was born.

A revolutionary, inclusive ecosystem, where individuals and businesses can connect with each other to help, support, and assist from across the entire globe. Where a new nation can communicate and find what they need, when they need it, wherever they are.

Whether on a LA shoreline or a mountain top in the Austrian Alps.