Why do we need a cryptocurrency to build Vegan Nation?

Jean-François Noubel


Blockchain enthusiasts describe the blockchain technology as a paradigm shift, a new distributed economy that no banks or top down centralizing authorities can compromise in order to serve their own interests. Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies have lead to a new form of speculation, tinted with secrecy, even hiding, seeding a new global economic landscape with its new masters and crypto-billionaires. Though the vision of cryptographic currencies is true in many regards, it still feels like if we just invented airplanes, but we keep using them for high-speed races on our old highways.

So, why does Vegan Nation need to create its own crypto-currency with the Vegan Coin?


For two key reasons.

First: because we build a Nation. Nothing less. A Nation needs its currency in order to build its own economy according to its values in service of its citizens and the environment.

Second: because we can put intelligence inside every coin. By intelligence, I mean the social contract and values that animate the Vegan Nation society, a cruelty-free, compassionate economy that regenerates life and ecosystems. This represents a complete shift in the game. Conventional currencies (dollars, euros, rupees, yen, etc), have no intelligence in them. A dollar in the form of coin, bill or digital units can buy a delicious vegan meal at the local store, but it can also indifferently support the meat industry and its devastating effects. If we want a conventional currency to become ethical, then we need a centralized authority to monitor every transaction. 

Giving power to a few to control everyone leads to top-down authoritarian monopolistic infrastructures, corruptible, in the position of power abuse that also makes them a threatening single point of failure. There we go again, fueling the same vicious circle we have fueled for centuries.

VeganCoin will encapsulate our shared values, rules and agreements. This new currency will flow exclusively inside the vegan human ecosystem, building a compassionate and sustainable economy among people and organizations.

By doing so, we will become the caretakers of the Earth and its inhabitants, humans and non-humans alike.

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