Water For Life

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 The molecule that composes roughly 60% of our body and 70% of the earth’s surface, making it life’s most essential compound. Lack of access to clean water leads to war, starvation, and misery to all living kind. Yet, many of us still take it for granted. 


Therefore, this week we‘re focusing on this noble cause. 

So, let’s all stop to appreciate a nice sip of water and get going!


Fortunately, there are many incredible changemakers working on improving the quality and accessibility to freshwater around our planet. 

Here are just 3 exceptional projects that caught our attention :

  1. www.charitywater.org

One of the biggest organizations, devoted to cleaning up water for developing nations. 

They are active for over 10 years, in 27 countries, funded over 38,000 projects, using the help of over 1 million donors, that supplied water to almost 10 Milion people! 

You can find a map with all their projects here and get involved to make a real change.

2. Fight for the forgotten.

Meet Justin Wren, MMA expert, Martial arts specialist and professional cage fighter. Probably not your typical poster boy for compassion and philanthropic work but this man found a new cause to fight for. His book title says it all: 

Fight for the Forgotten: How a Mixed Martial Artist Stopped Fighting for Himself and Started Fighting for Others.

This organization has devoted itself to supply water for the pygmies in the Congo and all the oppressed in developing countries.

3. www.theoceancleanup.com

Most teenagers are worried about school, friends or what people think of them. Not this exceptional young man that at age 18 started his inspiring project to clean up the oceans. It was his passion for diving that opened his eyes to all the waste in the oceans water. An entrepreneur at heart, he used the power of his technological innovation to found his organization and raise money for the cause.

While many focus on clean drinking water, we must not forget that the ocean is the living habitats for most of the earth creators as well as a huge source for the world’s agriculture. Listen to a clip from his fascinating interview on the Joe Rogan Podcast

As you might know, Vegan Nation is already sponsoring 4 Brazilian football teams from the amazons and collaborating to bring awareness for deforestation damages. We are now looking to expand and get involved with other important environmental causes.

Are you involved with, or know of other organizations working towards clean water preservation and sustainability? 

Let us know as we’d love to connect with more teams leading change and making a difference to support and promote their efforts.

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