Vegans got talent

Vegan Got Talent

Mattan Yuger


When it rains it pours. It’s seems like the vegan “trend” is sweeping the main stream by storm. Vegan Nation’s own top advisory and GOT star , Jerome Flynn is just one of the many famous vegan activists but he is not alone. By now, we’re used to hearing about vegan celebrities spreading the word, but the last year or so has seen a few unexpected names that joined the club.

 Here are a few of my favorites:

Serena Williams,

a true GOAT and a legend for every tennis fan out there. She is another super athlete that alongside her accomplished sister, Venus, has turned vegan earlier in 2018. Williams clinched her first major, before turning 18, back at the 1999 US Open and never looked back. She and her older sister has dominated the game for decades, becoming the face of the sport all over the world.

Venus, the older of the 2 sisters, has turned vegan by recommendation of her doctors after she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which causes excessive fatigue.


 After seeing the results, Serena was quick to adopt the vegan lifestyle herself and claims to be healthier than ever.

Kevin Smith — is another unexpected name for the overgrowing list to come out as vegan. Smith made his breakthrough with his 1994 debut, and cult film, “Clerks”. He was the voice of his generation and a prominent figure in the indie film scene with movies like Clerks and ‘Mall Rats’ that has helped shape the 90’s culture as we know it.

Known for his stoner’s films and admiration for fast food, Smith is definitely not the typical poster boy for veganism or healthy lifestyle. Smith turned vegan after his heart attack and near-death experience a couple of years ago. It literally saved his life, he claimed on the

 Joe Rogan podcast.

Kevin hart — is America’s funny man, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and the list goes on. Where ever you turn, it seems like Kevin is everywhere these days but this wasn’t always the case. He started off selling shoes but quickly found his true destiny and passion in making people laugh. He climbed the comedy ranks from an anonymous stand up to a household name, selling out stadiums all over the world. He recently found himself in a controversy over some of his old tweets but throughout the years he is always a symbol for the American dream.

He is the latest to join the movement after letting his fans know that he is adopting a full plant-based diet.

Lewis Hamilton —

5-time formula one champion, adrenaline junky and the best driver of his generation. Son of an immigrant father who passed on his love for speed, Lewis grew up in the karting lanes. At age 8 he was already considered a phenomenon and knew what the future had in store for him. Every race fan remembers him making history after his debut season, becoming the youngest and first black driver to become world champion. Lewis is proof that race and age have no boundaries behind the driving wheel.

And if that’s not enough, he is now a vegan advocate after he took to Instagram to announce the switch, saying he is ‘healthier and happier’ on a vegan diet.

So who is your favorite vegan out there?!

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