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Main Feed

VeganNation is an all encompassing ecosystem where you will be able to find all things vegan. In the main platform page you will find posts for your fellow vegan friends highlighting their plant based lifestyle. You will also find recipes of the day and local vegan events happening near you. The main platform page enables you to stay up to date on all the inspiring ethical innovation,

sustainable development and plant-based production growing all over the world. You are invited to participate in your local vegan community and engage with our global vegan nation.

The VeganCoin Wallet

The VeganCoin wallet is available to all users once they register and sign in to their account. In your account you will see your current VCN balance, as well as, your most recent transactions. Right above your transaction history you have the ability to click send or receive to initiate a VCN payment. At the top right corner you have the scanner icon which allows you to scan users’ barcodes to send or receive your VeganCoin. We value a first class user experience and we are here to deliver you the state-of-the-art and cruelty-free payment process to transfer value within seconds all over the world.

VeganNation Businesses

As part of the VeganNation ecosystem, we are delivering an online marketplace for the global vegan community. Vegans can see what vegan restaurants or yoga studios are their areas and if a business offers shipments they will show up in the e-commerce section. We are here to empower each and every business regardless of their size or technological capabilities. We want entrepreneurs to have their uniquely local, organic and ethical goods exposed internationally. You will be able to register your business and fill in relevant information for your customers to see. You can communicate with you customer instantly on the platform. They can also rate your business with a description note. Customers can also love businesses and those businesses will show up in favorites.

Posting to NewsFeed

When you click on the VeganNation home button (+) the camera / photo gallery will pop up allowing you to choose the media you want to post. You can choose to make it a recipe or event by clicking the icons on the top right. Your vegan friends can like, comment or share on your content. We want to hear your experiences eating or cooking vegan food or hiking on a beautiful trail in nature. Vegans have so much knowledge regarding nutrition and well being to share and we’re proud to enable you to do just that.

Meal & Event Sharing

Share an event you are hosting by clicking the event icon at the top right. You can choose a minimum and maximum number of guests attending, specify the date, time and location. You will be notified when participants respond to your event. Events can be free of charge or you can choose a the number of VeganCoins to attend. Meal sharing events can be publicized to vegans in your area enabling them to meet local vegans and discover new dishes. You can cook the meal yourself or make it potluck and allow everyone to share their unique dishes.


Plant-Based Cooking

Some of the best dishes are made at home and we want you to share these delicious secrets with the vegan world. That is why we created the recipes platform, which allows you to list the ingredients, instructions, as well as, the difficulty level and other details in a user friendly and speedy manner. Your friends can like your recipe and share their feedback with a comment below. We are firm believers in the way to one’s heart is through the stomach, we are here to make the vegan lifestyle accessible and maintainable to everyone.

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